Our Vision

Manning RESTART Center exists with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn and recreate themselves with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level.

MRC is the alternative school for the Greenville Public School District. RESTART currently serves overage students ranging from grades 4th through 7th. Upon completion and mastery of coursework and standards, program participants can potentially be promoted from 4th to 6th, 5th to 7th, and 6th to 8th grades.

MRC also serves students who have been assigned to the alternative school for an observation period based on discipline records from his/her previous school or students who have been removed from his/her home school for non-expulsion infractions after a due process hearing has been held. The timetable for a student’s exit from the RESTART Center and re-entry to his/her home school is based upon a pre-determined number of points that must be earned by each student. Overage students are promoted from 5th to 7th grades and 6th to 8th.

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